Improperly Installed Dryer Vent Said To Have Caused Texas Housefire

House Fire.jpg

Port Arthur resident Frederick Goenne and his insurance company, Allstate, say the fire that claimed his home was started in a faulty dryer vent, which was built by A&W Aluminum, also known as Windell Broussard Homes.

Goenne and Allstate are suing A&W Aluminum for the price of his home, $275,000, plus his insurance deductible. He filed his lawsuit Sept. 24 in the Jefferson County District Court. According to the plaintiff’s original petition, a fire damaged Goenne’s residence, located at on Golfhill in Port Arthur. He claims the fire started at or in the dryer vent system that was designed and installed by A&W Aluminum. “Defendant owed a duty of reasonably prudent care with respect to the installation of the venting system for the clothes dryer,” the suit said. “Defendant breached this duty by failing to act as a reasonably prudent person would have under the same or similar circumstances.”

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