3 Reasons to Get a Chimney Cap

  1. Rain - Moisture causes damage and leads to expensive repairs.

  2. Animals - Birds and animals will make themselves at home

  3. Sparks -Sometimes sparks and burning embers exit out of chimneys and catch fire to the roof or yard.


Good Option

Galvanized Chimney Cap

Most Chimney Caps are made from galvanized steel.
This galvanized chimney cap will meet safety and code requirements.
There are no warranties or guarantees with this cap.
This cap comes in 3 standard sizes: 13”x 13”, 13”x 18”, and 18”x18”
They are $125 Installed.


Better Option

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Here at Shane’s Chimney Care we take pride in installing this Stainless Steel Chimney Cap.
This cap will meet all safety and code requirements.
This Stainless Steel Cap comes with a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.
This cap comes in 2 standard sizes:
-13”x 13”
-13”x 18”

They are $175 installed.


Best Option

Custom Chimney Cap

Custom manufactured from galvanized steel, copper, or stainless steel this cap covers the entire crown of your chimney sealing out all water and birds.
This cap will meet all safety and code requirements.

We personally guarantee this cap for 5 years.

Price varies by size and material chosen.