Real Estate Transactions

Deadlines, details, etc. The reality of realty is that those deadlines and details leave enough room for you to be the hero for your clients. Clients are looking to make a huge investment or make a large sale – they have asked for your help.

We want to help you do an excellent job for your client, especially when it comes to the safety of the home they are buying or selling. Often inspectors mark chimneys deficient on the inspection report and suggest a professional come inspect, clean, or make repairs.
We want to make this process as easy as possible for you and your clients. To do so we ask that you fill out the information below and email us a copy of the inspection report.

It is our goal to inspect and get estimates for repairs to you within 72 business hours of you contacting us. This time may vary significantly during our busy season.
By filling out the information below we can best rearrange our schedule to fit you in. We understand the time sensitivity of real estate transactions and do our very best to prioritize in such situations.

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