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The majority of home warranty companies do not cover fireplace repair or replacement.

This means that any costs associated with repairing your fireplace will fall on you, as well as the cost for a new one if need be. It isn’t all bad news though because proper maintenance should keep any fireplaces ready come wintertime - just don’t forget homeowners insurance! 

Most manufactures require NFPA 211 and we as a company will warranty the work we have completed.

Schedule an inspection with the experts at Shane’s Chimney Care immediately.  One of our trained professionals can come to your house and inspect your fireplace and chimney to make sure everything is in working order and all requirements for your warranty are met. 

To make matters easier for our customers, Shane’s Chimney Care is now offering an annual maintenance program.  For a low monthly fee, we will inspect your fireplace and chimney once a year, when it’s most important to do this inspection, between the months of March and July.

Repairing Masonry Chimney in Abilene TX

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