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Shane's Chimney Care is a company that provides chimney sweep and chimney repair services in San Angelo, TX. We are known for our trusted and reliable services, and our expert team can handle any chimney-related needs with ease.

At Shane's Chimney Care, we take pride in being your trusted partner for chimney sweep and chimney repair services in San Angelo, TX. Our dedicated team understands the importance of maintaining a safe and efficient chimney system, and we are committed to serving our customers with top-quality solutions. We address common issues such as creosote buildup, chimney obstructions, and wear and tear, ensuring that your chimney functions flawlessly.

Our expert approach involves thorough inspections, efficient sweepings, and precise repairs, all backed by years of experience in the industry. We know that a well-maintained chimney is essential for your safety and peace of mind. When you choose Shane's Chimney Care, you can rest assured that you're receiving the highest quality work and a satisfaction guarantee that underscores our commitment to your well-being. We take pride in keeping the fires burning safely in San Angelo, TX.

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Our Chimney Sweep & Chimney Repair Services

At Shane's Chimney Care in San Angelo, TX, we take great pride in offering top-notch chimney sweep and repair services. Our dedicated team specializes in ensuring that your chimney functions efficiently and safely. We provide thorough chimney inspections, expert sweepings, and meticulous repairs to address common issues, all aimed at enhancing your chimney's performance.

Decorative Chimney Cap on Brick Chimney

Efficient Chimney Sweeping

In San Angelo, our comprehensive chimney inspections go beyond the surface to uncover hidden issues that may affect your chimney's safety and functionality. Our professional team meticulously examines your chimney's interior and exterior, identifying any potential problems and ensuring your peace of mind.

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Comprehensive Chimney Inspections

When it comes to chimney sweeping in San Angelo, Shane's Chimney Care offers efficient services that remove creosote, debris, and obstructions. Our skilled team ensures that your chimney stays clean and safe, providing you with a hassle-free and cozy fireplace experience.

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Precise Chimney Repairs

Our precise chimney repair services in San Angelo address issues like cracks, damaged flues, and deteriorating masonry. With expert repairs, we restore your chimney to its optimal condition, keeping you warm and safe during the colder months.

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Fireplace Burning in San Angelo Home

In San Angelo, TX, Shane's Chimney Care is your trusted partner for fireplace installation and upgrades. Our experienced team can help you bring warmth and elegance to your home with a new fireplace or enhance your existing one. We handle everything from the design and installation to upgrading to more energy-efficient options, ensuring your fireplace meets your unique needs and style.

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Top Chimney Sweep & Chimney Repair in San Angelo, TX


Exceptional Expertise

Shane's Chimney Care offers unmatched expertise in chimney sweep and repair, prioritizing your safety and satisfaction.


All-Inclusive Solutions

 From chimney sweeps and repairs to installations and inspections, our services encompass all your chimney needs in San Angelo.


Swift and Dependable

Count on our prompt and reliable services for immediate assistance, ensuring your hearth remains cozy and secure.


Customer-Focused Approach

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide high-quality work with a friendly touch, earning your trust every step of the way.

Exceptional Chimney Sweep & Chimney Repair in San Angelo, TX

What to expect from Shane's Chimney

At Shane's Chimney Care, we take pride in providing exceptional chimney sweep and repair services in San Angelo, TX. Our skilled team of experts specializes in addressing the common issues associated with chimneys, ensuring your home remains safe and cozy. We understand the importance of a well-maintained chimney, not only for warmth but also for the overall safety of your household.

Our approach is guided by professionalism and a commitment to delivering top-notch quality in every service we provide. With Shane's Chimney Care, you can trust that your chimney is in the hands of certified and experienced professionals who value your satisfaction. We guarantee the highest level of customer care and quality work, ensuring that your chimney in San Angelo, TX, is not just efficient but also a source of warmth and comfort.

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Please ensure your Chimney Sweep is Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.


For safety and efficiency, it's recommended to have your chimney swept and inspected at least once a year, even if you don't use it frequently.
Yes, there are stainless steel, clay tile, and cast-in-place liners. The best one depends on your specific needs and the type of fuel you use. A professional chimney sweep can advise on the most suitable liner for your chimney.
Burning seasoned hardwood, having regular chimney cleanings, and ensuring proper airflow are essential to minimize creosote buildup.
A chimney cap prevents debris, animals, and rain from entering your chimney, preserving its structural integrity and ensuring efficient operation. It's a crucial component of chimney maintenance.

Contact Shane's Chimney Care today to schedule your chimney sweep or repair service in San Angelo, TX, and enjoy a safer and more efficient fireplace experience.

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About San Angelo, TX

Shane's Chimney Care is proud to be a part of the vibrant and historic city of San Angelo, Texas. Nestled along the beautiful Concho River, San Angelo offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. With a rich heritage, the city is known for its friendly community, welcoming residents, and a strong sense of Texas pride.

Our business is a reflection of the spirit of San Angelo, as we are committed to serving the needs of this wonderful community. San Angelo boasts several notable landmarks, such as the Concho River Walk, Fort Concho National Historic Landmark, and the vibrant Downtown San Angelo. These iconic places embody the heart and soul of the city, much like we aim to do with our chimney sweep and repair services.

At Shane's Chimney Care, we share the values of San Angelo – a commitment to quality, a strong sense of community, and a dedication to preserving the traditions that make this city unique. Our team is honored to serve the residents of San Angelo and ensure their homes are cozy, safe, and comfortable. We look forward to being a part of your San Angelo experience and helping you maintain your cherished fireplaces and chimneys.

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