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Discover top-tier chimney sweep and repair services  Shane's Chimney Care. Our seasoned professionals prioritize the unique needs of the local community, offering tailored solutions for optimal chimney performance and lasting satisfaction.
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Elevate the functionality and efficiency of your chimney and fireplace with Shane's Chimney Care, delivering expert chimney sweep and repair services designed to meet the distinctive needs of our community.

At Shane's Chimney Care, our commitment to excellence sets us apart with a range of unique benefits. Our experienced team, represented by our dedicated icons, signifies our expertise, reliability, and customer-centric approach. We pride ourselves on efficient and timely services, symbolized by a clock icon, ensuring your chimney needs are met promptly. The wrench icon represents our skilled technicians adept at comprehensive repairs, offering lasting solutions. Additionally, our transparent communication is symbolized by a speech bubble icon, reflecting our commitment to keeping clients informed throughout the service process.

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Areas We Serve

  1. Abilene, TX
  2. Albany, TX
  3. Anson, TX
  4. Aspermont, TX
  5. Baird, TX
  6. Ballinger, TX
  7. Big Springs, TX
  8. Blackwell, TX
  9. Brady, TX
  10. Breckenridge, TX
  11. Bronte, TX
  12. Brownwood, TX
  13. Buffalo Gap, TX
  14. Cisco, TX

Clyde, TX
Coleman, TX
Colorado City, TX
Comanche, TX
Cross Plains, TX
Eastland, TX
Hamlin, TX
Haskell, TX
Jayton, TX
Knox City, TX
Lubbock, TX

Merkel, TX
Midland, TX
Mullins, TX
Munday, TX

  1. Ranger, TX
  2. Robert Lee, TX
    Roby, TX
    Roscoe, TX
    Rule, TX
  3. Santa Anna, TX
    Throckmorton, TX
    Trent, TX
    Tuscola, TX
    Winters, TX


Signs such as reduced draft, lingering odors, or visible soot are indicators that your chimney may need a sweep. We recommend scheduling a professional inspection if you notice any of these signs.
Regularly check for signs of damage, use seasoned firewood to reduce creosote buildup, and schedule annual inspections and sweeps. Following these tips can help keep your chimney in optimal condition.
For some reasons, it's recommended to refrain from using your fireplace during the repair process. Our team works efficiently to complete repairs, ensuring you can resume fireplace use as soon as possible.
We address a range of issues, including chimney crown repairs, flue lining repairs, and masonry repairs. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle various chimney repairs to ensure optimal functionality.

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