Start the New Year with a Chimney Inspection

As experienced CSIA Certified chimney service technicians, we recommend an annual chimney inspection to check for any issues that may impact the proper venting of smoke and toxic fumes. An inspection will identify potential hazards such as blockages, leaks, damage, or deterioration that could allow deadly carbon monoxide to enter your home.

During a chimney inspection, we will thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of your chimney using advanced tools and techniques to spot problems. First, we will assess the chimney cap and do a visual inspection for any missing, cracked, or damaged sections that need replacement. A secure, functioning cap is essential to keep out animals, debris, and moisture.

Next, our technicians will inspect the entire flue, using a specialized chimney camera to identify any obstructions, nests, or buildup restricting airflow. The camera also helps us check the overall condition of the flue tiles or lining for cracks or gaps. In addition, we will assess the masonry components of your chimney for signs of deterioration.

Finally, we will inspect your fireplace damper to ensure it can open and close properly to control airflow. At the end of the inspection, we will explain our findings and recommend necessary repairs, cleaning, or maintenance.

Ring in 2024 with renewed fireplace safety. Contact us today to schedule your annual chimney inspection! Our qualified technicians serve Abilene, Texas and the surrounding cities.

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